• Thursday , 30 March 2017

Best Weed Accessories New in 2017

In 2016, Americans welcomed several new states into the marijuana community. Even though marijuana has always been around, in recent years, it has seemed to have gone viral. The amount of marijuana and weed paraphernalia that we see in the media, online, and in paid advertisements is mind boggling. All of the new gadgets and accessories that we are now exposed to, can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Smoke Collective took the liberty of compiling a beginner’s accessory guide of all the hottest, newest, and some of the most exotic weed accessories and devices on the market. If you are a marijuana consumer, these are definitely accessories you want to know about. Let’s start off with some of the freshest and most innovative marijuana gadgets that will take off in 2017.

weed accessoriesPossibly the coolest of all cannabis accessories that I want to discuss with you, has recently gone viral on social media platforms and all over the Internet. People have been raving about this amazing new invention named the Genius Pipe. It is being called one of the most impressive weed accessories you’ll find in 2017. The sleek and slender design makes it incredibly easy to take with you basically anywhere. They are made to be easy to store and carry in your pocket. They also come in many different colors and skin designs to customize to the individual.

This technologically advanced system is known to have the coolest possible inhale currently on the market. The Genius Pipe is made of anodized aluminum making it virtually unbreakable. In some online marijuana accessory review videos, people try to use hammers in order to smash the Genius Pipe. After trying to smash the device there are only some minor dings and scratches. These rigorous online reviews seem to prove, without a doubt, how strong these little gadgets are.

One of the most advanced features of the Genius Pipe is the innovative filtering system. This pipe not only includes a metal screen filter, but also a vortex filtering system. Approximately 2000 tiny dimples are laid on the top and the bottom of the pipe. The top, the bottom, and faceplate are magnetized to keep them together and can easily be taken apart. With the flat chamber, the sides lay perfectly on top of each other to provide a revolutionary smoking experience.
The inhale you get with this accessory is known to be cooler than that of the water pipe. How is this possible? The vortex filtering system creates a bunch of miniature vortexes that allow the smoke plenty of ventilation to cool before ever reaching your lips. With this innovative design, Genius Pipes is able to give a no cough guarantee to their customers. One of the other amazing features of this gadget is the inability to suck pieces of weed through the chamber of the pipe. Never deal with “Scooby Snacks” again.

The Plasmatic X is another one of the coolest marijuana accessories that will be going viral in 2017. This is an entirely electronic lighter. With the eco-friendly design and ionic electricity, this little device is going to revolutionize the way we smoke. The Plasmatic X weed accessory is meant to be safer for the environment and our bodies. Possibly the coolest feature is never having to worry about a flame being blown out.

Cool Weed Accessories for Sale

cool weed gadgetsSilicone Weed Container:
When it comes to the coolest weed accessories, in the past couple of years, silicone has been all the rage. Concentrates, otherwise known as oils or dabs, have become increasingly popular as of recently. With the sticky, wax-like substance, it can be tough to keep the use of cannabis concentrates mess free. When this problem started, we realized we needed to find an easier way of containing and using concentrates. With silicone weed containers, it is now super easy to use and manage the cannabis oils.

Silicone Cannabis Pipe:
Another one of the coolest silicone accessories that have become increasingly popular are the smash proof marijuana bongs and dab rigs. Anyone who has used glass pipes knows just how often these devices tend to break. The silicone allows them to bend, fall, and in some cases even compress to allow for easier travel.

Possibly my favorite of these trendy cannabis accessories would have to be the Poke-A-Bowl. These amazing, portable ashtrays are designed with a metal poker sticking up from the middle of the tray. This gadget is meant to make emptying your pipe after use a much easier experience. Once you’ve finished smoking your weed, you can turn the bowl or bowl piece upside down and use the poker to empty out any ash effortlessly.

Any of these marijuana accessories would be a perfect marijuana Christmas gift and stocking stuffers.

Cheap Weed Accessories

Not everyone can spend an arm and a leg purchasing all the different and coolest marijuana accessories that are available on the market today. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t still some cheaper and useful accessory options that you might not have known about.

Bowl & Bong Screens:

weed stuffFor anyone who is a marijuana smoker, you know what it is like to take that draw on your pipe and feel a plethora of disgusting chunks of ash hit the back of your throat. It is not a good feeling, and it definitely doesn’t taste good either. This is where cannabis screens come in handy. If you’re interested in trying a filter screen, you should know that there are several types to choose from.

Metal Screens:

Metal screens are by far the most common and easiest to find types of screens. They’re very cheap and incredibly easy to use. Even though they are a more affordable accessory, they work beautifully when it comes to keeping those chunks of ash (aka Scooby Snacks) from out of your mouth.

There are a couple of different kinds of metals that are used when making the screens. You can choose either from brass or stainless steel. Brass screens are a little more flexible and easier to install but also tend to tear more quickly as well. Stainless steel screens are a little bit harder to shape to fit in your pipe but also tend to be more durable.

Glass Screens:

If you find using metal screens to be difficult, then glass screens might be a better option for you. Glass screens usually come in a daisy shape with five prongs that keep it from falling into the pipe. They can also come in a similar three-pronged design. Glass screens are completely reusable, unlike metal screens. That is if you’re glass screen doesn’t break. Since they are made of glass, they are durable yet still fragile when dropped. Now glass screens might be a few pennies more expensive but are still by far one of the cheapest and most necessary marijuana accessories.

Types of Weed Paraphernalia

Everyone has heard of the term paraphernalia. Typically this term is seen used in tandem with drugs and drug use. You probably have a marijuana accessoriesgeneral idea of what that means, but what does that entail?

What deems an item drug paraphernalia?

Federal law states that weed paraphernalia includes but is not limited to:

Any devices, equipment, or material accessories that are intended or specially made for hiding, fabricating, mass-producing, composing/creating, preparing, orally consuming (eating/drinking), huffing/inhaling, or directly introducing an illicit or illegal drug into the body.

Now that you know a little bit more about what weed paraphernalia is, we can start to discuss the different types. We will be going over the various kinds of marijuana paraphernalia to be specific.

Standard pipes tend to be one of the more common cannabis accessories in 2017. These simple pipes can be made of metal, wood, bone, acrylic, silicone, glass, quartz, stone, ceramic, plastic, ice, hard candy and even sometimes food items that have been transformed into a pipe.

Water pipes, otherwise known as marijuana bongs or hookahs, are another very common type of weed paraphernalia. These kind of pipes are favored amongst most marijuana smokers since they cool down the hit you take by filtering through the water. Bongs can also be made using many different kinds of materials. Basically, any material that you can find a standard pipe in, you can also find a water pipe in a similar design.

Chillums, also known as pot one-hitters, are common amongst those who typically do not like to smoke a lot at once, or like to have an easily transportable smoking accessory for smoking on the go. These items are meant to be, like the name says, capable of producing one hit at a time. Once you have used your one-hit, you must refill the pipe. These types of portable marijuana devices are made from a wide variety of materials just like bongs and standard pipes.

smoking accessoriesMarijuana cigarettes or Joints are another favorite smoking choice. These tend to have a lot more accessories that can be considered paraphernalia as well. In order to make a joint or a marijuana cigarette, you must have some sort of rolling papers. These small pieces of paper are used to roll the herb into an easily smokable cylinder shape. Other drug related items that can be utilized with marijuana cigarettes can include items such as:

Some Cannabis Asseccories

Hand Rollers- These are used to help you roll your joint more efficiently.

Filters- Filters are used to prevent any herb from sucking through the end of the joint into your mouth. These can actually be quite effective in combating this issue.

One of the last common types of weed paraphernalia is known as what’s called a roach. A roach is a slang term used for the butt of a marijuana cigarette. Since roaches have been burned and smoked, they tend to have a much more pungent odor. These marijuana cigarette butts have a potent weed smell that is tough to mask.

Roach clips- This is used to hold the end of your joint, so you can smoke the joint down much further than you typically would be able to just holding it in your fingers.

Weed Accessory Care Tips

For anyone who is a marijuana smoker, I’m sure you’ve been faced with the dilemma of needing to clean your pipe. weed smoking accessories

Depending on how much you use your pipe you might find yourself needing to clean it quite often.

Some of the most frequently asked questions about cleaning your pipe:

What would be the cheapest way to clean your pipe?

When needing to clean resin and tar from your pipe, an old school way is to boil the pipe in hot water. I personally don’t recommend this, because this process has a much higher chance of breaking your pot accessories. Depending on how thick the glass your pipe is made out of, this cleaning style can crack or potentially shatter your pipe to pieces.

A better alternative to boiling is the use of rubbing alcohol and Epson salt. You would start by filling the pipe about halfway with rubbing alcohol and then pouring in the salt. You want to make sure that any openings are sealed with your hands and then after a good, few minute shake session, your pipe will be ready to go. An important side note; make sure that after using rubbing alcohol in your marijuana accessories you thoroughly rinse with water. You do not want to be inhaling rubbing alcohol. That would be a very different kind of high and most likely not a pleasant one.

What are the most efficient weed accessory cleaners to use?

Rez Block is known to be one of the most effective water pipe cleaners. Rez Block works by adding a few drops to your device before you begin smoking. The idea behind this cleaning solution is to try to prevent the buildup of tar and resin prior to your pipe needing to be cleaned. Simply put, it’s much easier to prevent your water based cannabis accessories from getting dirty then it is to clean it after the fact.

Grunge Off is another very effective cleaner that can be used on virtually any marijuana accessories. This cleaner is alcohol-free making it much safer. Grunge Off works by slowly breaking down the buildup of tar. It is a little slower since you must soak your pipe in the solution. One of the coolest things about this particular cleaner is that it is reusable. Once you’ve finished soaking your pipe, you can put the solution in a reusable container and save it for next time.

What are the safest kinds of cleaning solutions to use on your marijuana accessories?

cannabis accessoriesPiece Water is one of the safest, natural cleaning options for marijuana smokers. Piece Water is made from a specially formulated mixture of fruit and vegetable extracts blended with all natural minerals. Their unique formula is designed to be the safest, most effective way of cleaning your water pipe. This solution works on the same principle as Rez Block, by combating the buildup of tar.

Scrubber Duckys might be my favorite type of safe cleaners. These little rubber duckies are meant to scrape the built-up gum off your pipe. Drop one of the ducks inside your pipe and use the second duck on the outside. Use the magnets to drag the duck on the inside around the pipe scraping off any excess. They are also a great conversation starter.

Weed Accessories for sale online

Buying marijuana related products online can be frustrating. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard of people buying one of these products online, only to be very disappointed when it arrives at their door. There are so many knock-off weed accessories online. Making sure to do thorough investigating can be crucial. It’s very hard to tell what you’re buying when you’re unable to look at the item itself and hold it in your hands. Pictures can be very misleading in many ways. The pictures used can often make items look larger or even better quality than what they really are in person.

Being sure to thoroughly check customer reviews and any sort of stats or description of the product that might explain it a little better. marijuana smoking accessoriesForums are always a great place to go. People are now blogging online openly about marijuana and the use of it. Why wouldn’t you use the resources available to ensure the quality and value of the product you’re buying.

Purchasing marijuana accessories online can be a lot easier by simply going to a reputable source. Volcano, Grav Labs, VapRwear, and PUFFiT are excellent examples of reliable online retailers.

Just remember when purchasing weed accessories for sale online, you must be careful and should always go to the original source.


volcano performance vaporizer

The Volcano Performance Vaporizer is by far one of the best vaporizers currently on the market.

Let me explain to you really quick what a vaporizer is and what it does.

Essentially, a vaporizer is an electronic cannabis device that is used to manually heat your marijuana into a vaporized form. The vapor proves to be a lot less harsh on the lungs. For those who use medical marijuana by inhaling or smoking it orally, physicians recommend vaporizers before any other kind of smoking accessory. These devices are well known for being very high-quality pot smoking accessories.

volcano performance vaporizer

The Volcano Performance Vaporizer comes with a three-year warranty. So, for those of you who are not tech savvy, any technical problems will be covered under warranty. Also with the large and easy-to-read screen, eyesight should not be a problem either.

To use this vaporizer, simply open the headpiece on top of the cone shaped base. You will see an opening with screens where you can place your ground up marijuana. Put the cap back on and get ready to start vaporizing.

The specially designed bag is meant to catch all the vapor. Unlike a lot of other vaporizers that are directly inhaled from the device itself. With the Volcano Performance Vaporizers bag catching design, the vapor has a chance to cool down for a smoother hit.

These vaporizing cannabis accessories can come in different kit options.

The solid valve kit would be recommended for those of who are a little bit more technically inclined. This particular kit requires a little bit more assembly and regular maintenance.

The easy valve kit is more common than the solid valve and highly recommended for it’s easy to use design. The entire device is basically already assembled with all the parts and pieces. The balloon bag comes already put together as well. The most popular thing about this kit is the no cleaning necessary design.



VapRwear is possibly one of the coolest marijuana accessories that we’ve seen in the marijuana industry in a while.

VapRwear has revolutionized discrete smoking for those of us who like to smoke on the go. This company sells discrete smoking apparel. They seemed to have liked the fun earbud hoodies that were designed to allow people to use their hoodie strings as earbuds. With electronics that were wired through the jacket and up through into the hood strings, they became insanely popular. Especially amongst the youth and youth culture.

VaprwearWhat VapRwear has done is use the same concept but for marijuana lovers. These hoodies and jackets come in so many designs, so you will easily find one that suits you.

The way they conceal the device is by using an electronic vaporizer. The three in one vaping system can be utilized for things like e-liquid as well. You don’t have to be tied down to anyone type of vape. The vaporizing tank is hidden within the strings of the hoodie itself.

One of the coolest features would have to be the two batteries this hoodie comes with. One battery is designed to be a button push and the other is designed to be an automatic draw battery. That means all you must do is draw on the device and it will automatically start to vaporize whatever you have in the tank.

If you are planning to use marijuana in one of these accessories, then make sure that you are using an oil based blend and not directly using dry marijuana or concentrated oil. This can end up clogging up the device and breaking it.

For those of you experienced vapors out there, VapRwear has been in the talks of a sub-ohm adapter. It is yet to be released but will make this awesome hoodie even more worth it.

Hydrofarm Active Eye Microscope

The Hydrofarm Active Eye Microscope was a much-needed addition to the hydroponic farming family. When your cannabis plants are first growing, it’s normal to feel like you want to check on them all the time to make sure that they’re doing well. Experienced hydroponic growers know that too much handling in the beginning stages of development isn’t recommended. It can negatively affect the progression of your plants in these crucial moments of maturing.
There are plenty other examples of when it can be difficult to inspect your budding plants. There could even be an infestation of pests destroying your garden that other microscopes won’t see.Hydrofarm Active Eye Microscope

These are just a few of the reasons why Active Eye decided to design a new microscope that is easily portable and has advanced features to ensure the healthy growth of your cannabis. The battery is capable of 100,000 hours of use before it will turn off. With the headset version, you can examine your marijuana plants with as little effort as possible.
Don’t worry; the headset microscope is also equipped with a battery that has 100,000 hours of life. If you tend to be more relaxed or work in a laid-back environment and are permitted to wear hats at your indoor growing facility, they also offer a clip version that will easily clip onto your hat. This one also has 100,000 hours of battery life. The package it comes in will have a charger so once the battery does die you will be able to just plug it in.

The LED bulbs used in the microscope are infused with the most advanced technology. The bulb guarantees that no harm will come to your cannabis plants even during crucial times.

You will be able to see the things that you couldn’t see before that could be affecting your precious garden. With this product, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your pot plants are in good hands.


VapeCase e-Cigarette phone case by Lotus

For iPhone 5 users, there is now a weed accessory for your iPhone that can also be used as an e-liquid vaporizer. Some of you might be asking, “What? How’s that possible?”

The new VapeCase by Lotus allows the ease of having your phone and your vape in one hand. For those of you who use a vape currently, I’m sure you’ve dealt with the struggle of not having enough hands to carry everything. This could solve that problem.

VapeCase e-Cigarette phone case by LotusThe VapeCase comes with a 2000mAh battery offering decent battery life for the user. I would still recommend carrying the charger with you if you are a heavier vaper.
You can check the battery level using the LED battery life indicator. It also comes with a micro-USB charging port that will work with most modern cell phone chargers. So if you ever forget your charger, you can always ask a friend to borrow a cell phone charger.

VapeCase’s cannabis accessory comes with a variable voltage setting that ranges from 2.75 V up to as high as 5 V. It also comes with a 510 eGo adapter. The eGo adapter accessory is meant to make it so that you can use multiple style tanks with this device. This is actually a really cool feature since most vape stores and smoke shops do not carry them. These adapter gadgets typically have to be bought online and usually only come in bulk orders. After ordering your Lotus iPhone 5 asseccory, the last thing you want is to have to wait to use it until you can have an adapter shipped to you.

Some important aspects of the device are the power protection and self-shutoff protection modes. These features help protect the user of the device from dealing with their battery venting. With the self-shutoff feature simply plug your device into the charger, and it will reboot. Then you can go on about your day. They have some portable marijuana vaporizer reviews you can check out online to learn more.

Grav Labs Glass Blunt

Grav Labs has been a leading contender with some of the best pipe design companies for a while now.

Grav Labs Glass BluntWhen Grav Labs came out with the Glass Blunt weed pipe, people weren’t really sure what to expect. How can someone make a glass blunt? In case you didn’t know, blunts are a pot accessory used similarly to that of a joint. Instead of using rolling papers, people will purchase and roll their weed using the wrapper of the cigarillo. This is typically done by carefully tearing down the center of the cigarillo.

Some people get a marijuana blunt splitter. The splitter gadget will help keep the cut as straight as possible. Then you can use the cigarillo wrap and carefully roll your herb or marijuana back up into the wrap. Getting your blunt to seal and stick back together correctly can be a daunting task. Tearing and emptying the cigarillo can also be difficult and messy.

Ever since Grav Labs released the Glass Blunt, people have been going crazy over it. The design of this cannabis gadget is sleek, small and perfect. This little weed pipe would be an amazing addition to anyone’s paraphernalia collection. The Glass Blunt consists of two tubes, one of which is inside the other. This design allows for an incredibly easy cleanup after your done smoking. All you have to do is push down on one end and just watch the ash fall out of the other.

That is not the only functionality of the sliding tubes. These tubes also act as an adaptable bowl piece. You can make the head of this blunt larger or smaller to adapt to however much you feel like smoking at the time. With the easily portable component, the Glass Blunt is perfectly constructed for traveling purposes. So for those of you who prefer to use glass pipes to joints, this could be the best option out there for you.

Wickie Pipe Lighter Original Combo

The Wickie Pipe Lighter Combo is one of the ultimate all-in-one smokers accessories. This pipe is ridiculously useful for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, like it name implies this device includes a lighter. The lighter that comes with this is high-powered butane with Wickie Pipe Lighter Original Comborefillable access. So you never have to worry about running out of lighter fluid.

Secondly, this marijuana accessory acts as a portable and durable pipe. The pipe is a little smaller than a phone or pack of cigarettes. Since it also disguised as a lighter, it’s easy to take out and use at almost any time.

Thirdly, within the compact marijuana smoking device there is also a relatively large container for you to carry any cannabis or substance with you wherever you go.

Fourthly, this weed apparatus comes with a built-in self-extinguishing cap. The cap is spring-loaded and provides the ability for easy use. Whenever you’re finished smoking, instead of leaving your weed or your substance burning and just going to waste, you can simply utilize the spring-loaded cap in order to save your herb. The metal cap acts as safe storage for any cannabis you might have left still in the bowl. You don’t have to finishing smoking. Just put it away and don’t worry about it, you are ready to take off and go.

Fifthly, when you receive your Wickie Pipe Lighter and open the box, you will notice a thin, small hooked metal staff. This is there for you to use as a poker to clean out any resin that gets lodged in the pipe.

If you’re wondering how this pipe actually works, there is a hinged stem that flips up to act as the mouthpiece. When you’re ready to smoke, open the hinged cap in press down on the button to start the fire. Since the flame of the lighter is directly located above the bowl head you don’t have to worry about the flame not reaching. So all in all this device is a perfect, portable addition to marijuana accessories.

PUFFiT vaporizer Asthma Inhaler Portable Vaporizer

PUFFiT Asthma Inhaler Portable Vaporizer is the most innovative design that we’ve seen in a portable cannabis vaporizer. This particular vaporizer acts as an easy, travel vaping gadget.
The PUFFiT looks exactly like an asthmatic inhaler. With this inhaling type of device, medical marijuana users are finding it easier than ever to use their prescriptions.
As soon as you take off the cap, the device will turn on and be ready for you to hit. When you first set up the apparatPUFFiT vaporizer Asthma Inhaler Portable Vaporizerus, you will need to fill it up with whatever herbal substance you decide to use. You want to make sure to leave the herb loosely packed at first. Be careful to brush any excess of the content off the top. Once you have done this you will want to find a thin tube, such as a pen or pencil. Use the tube to help pack down the herb. Now that you know how to pack a bowl properly you can guarantee optimal use of the PUFFiT Inhaler.

Once you put the top back on the inhaler, press the top down like a button. The light in the mouthpiece will start blinking red and will turn green when it’s ready to use.

One really cool feature about the PUFFiT inhaler is that it has the ability to turn the temperature up and down. When you first take off the cap of the mouthpiece, there’ll be a safety cover. Remove the safety cover from the mouthpiece and on the side. You will notice a dial. The dial is numbered and the higher the number, the hotter the temperature.

Overall, the PUFFiT inhaler is one of the safest and easiest to use devices. Since they’ve released on the market they have become need to have marijuana accessories. This ground breaking inhaler is helping a lot of people. Not only are medical cannabis vaporizers more highly recommended than pipes by physicians but they also provide a better smoke. If you want to know more about these marijuana accessories, you should check out the PUFFiT Vaporizer review.

The Mota Pot

Who doesn’t love the thought of sitting down at the end of a hard day and relaxing with a delicious pot cookie?

Pot edibles have become inanely popular throughout the marijuana industry. A lot of people find edibles much better alternative to The Mota Potsmoking or vaping their weed. For the longest time, the only real option that you had to get cannabis edibles was by going into a store and purchasing them. Most marijuana dispensaries sell weed edibles, but making them from home would be much cheaper.

You always have the option of making edibles from home using conventional means. The process involved in order to make pot edibles properly can be extremely messy and very time-consuming. At that point, it’s easier to just buy them from a cannabis dispensary. But what if that was no longer the case?

When the Mota Pot was first released, it blew up in the marijuana social media. The incredibly inventive design of this apparatus was revolutionary to the field of marijuana edibles.

Now that long messy process of making cannabis butter from home can be a thing of the past. They made an all-in-one, easy-to-use weed gadget that can now save you time and money. The Mota Pot can produce top-quality cannabis butter in only 10 minutes. The pot only requires one stick of butter and about 3 – 4 grams of marijuana. With these features, you can save dramatically on the amount that you spend on marijuana edibles. Even if you were making cannabis butter from home before, this is still by far a more economically friendly alternative.

I cannot stress to you just how easy this cannabis gadget is to use. It’s essentially a teapot with separate chambers for all of your ingredients. All you need to do is add your ingredients and wait for your butter to be finished.

leaf Plug’n’plant grow system

Introduced by Leaf, the Plug’n’Plant grow system was designed by marijuana smokers for marijuana smokers. They wanted to be able to make a system that would grow your cannabis from home with virtually no work involved. They take away the guesswork that comes with trying to grow your own cannabis from home.

If you currently grow yleaf Plug’n’plant grow systemour own cannabis from home, then you already know how complicated the process of growing marijuana properly can be. With so many different things that go into a hydroponic system, it can be extremely time-consuming, and hard to do without error.

You have to take into account all the different types of lighting that are available. Which ones are best to use? What are some of the best soils for growing your marijuana in? What type of soil additives would be best to ensure your plants are getting the nutrients they need? You then need to worry about where is your hydroponic system to go.

Leaf turned all of these problems and hard to solve questions into a set it and forget it type job. With the sleek and modern design, Plug’n’Plant can fit anywhere in your home or in your office. Most people who don’t know about the Plug’n’Plant device will go about their day never knowing it was there.

With the ability to change the hydroponic system to adapt to different strains of cannabis, this nifty gadget exceeds anything that’s on the current market. You can choose from a variety of different strains and just drop the seed into the planter. The Plug’n’Plant hydroponic chamber will do the rest. You can use an app on your smartphone even check in on the progress of your cannabis plant.

These incredible weed accessories makes growing marijuana from home as easy as pressing a button.

SMOCAN All-in-One

The SMOCAN All-in-One portable smoker is the ultimate tokers survival tool. It comes with virtually everything that you would need.

SMOCAN All-in-OneIt’s in the shape of the tube and is roughly the size of a portable flashlight. It’s made out of anodized aluminum and is extremely durable. This gadget is completely sealed keeping it air and water tight. With the airtight feature, you don’t need to worry about the odor seeping through. You can carry your marijuana around with you without anyone ever noticing.

When you first open the top, you will see a glass one-hitter disguised as cigarette, and a small metal pick that’s meant to help poke any debris out of the one-hitter. There will also be an empty opening that is meant for a small Bic lighter. Unfortunately, the Bic lighter is not included. Since the trendy cannabis accessory only cost around $20, this is a pretty fair trade. Bic lighters cost less than two dollars at any gas station.

If you flip the SMOCAN All-in-One around, you can find a grinder on the other end. The grinder uses diamond cut prongs to help thoroughly grind up your marijuana. Diamond cut grinders are known to be the best grinders for weed. It even has multiple screens in the grinder to catch powdered crystals that fall into the bottom. As far as how these devices look, they come in a variety of different colors to choose from.

These great little all-in-one marijuana accessories make the hassle of smoking on the go, a thing of the past. You don’t need to worry about how you will carry all of your different cannabis accessories with you. There have always been similar all-in-one weed accessories that have a lot of the same features. The difference with this one is the quality for this price. Having an airtight smell proof storage container in multiple grinding chambers can help make your next trip out memorable.

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