• Thursday , 30 March 2017

Airtight Smell Proof Storage Container

air tight and smell proofAre you tired of people smelling your weed on you wherever you go? Or maybe that secret hiding spot for your weed stash is no longer a secret. If you are looking for a new place to stash your marijuana, we have put together a list of popular weed containers on the market and how they compare to our reviews.
First of all, let’s go over our product, the Pack N Stash. It is full of unique features that commonly are not found in other weed containers or air tight jars. The Pack N Stash:

  • Is a certified smell proof container
  • It’s reusable!
  • Has been labeled “the best weed container of 2014” by over 5 different pot cannabis authorities
  • Is more portable, smell proof, and airtight than most other marijuana storage containers
  • Has replaced the use of traditional smell proof weed baggies, stash cans, and weed jars for thousands of pot smokers
  • Easily dispenses pot into your vaporizer, pipe, or bowl; eliminating spills and wasted weed
  • It’s virtually indestructible
  • Easily fits in your pocket
  • Make great weed gifts for Christmas

Before we take a look at other popular products on the market, let’s review. Below is the elite weed container in the U.S. It is an airtight storage continer used for concealing marijuana. It is better than smelly proof bags because it is more water proof, durable, and flat-out looks cooler. In fact, everyday more and more people are switching to the following as their chosen smell proof containers. Here’s a look at some other common products on the market.

smell proof baggies
 Weed bags | Smelly proof bags

For large amounts these are nice. They also work for traveling with a vaporizer when you have already used the vape. You cannot really store a vaporizer and weed in one of these bags at the same time. Also, dispensing marijuana from the bag is an extremely sloppy process. Not intended to be reusable (that is why they are sold in boxes of twenty); which means they are not green/eco-friendly.

stash box
 Stash Box

Looks nice, but isn’t smell proof and way too obvious for a hiding spot. Due to its bulkiness, it is not practical for travel and is not very portable.

med-tainer containers

Interesting concept. Not sure how practical.  These won’t fit in your pocket. If you are looking to carry full buds that you can grind right before you smoke this is a good option.  It does not provide a good option for loading your vaporizer.

CVault metal storage

This thing looks more like a food preserving pot than storage container. Definitely will keep your stash fresh. I would not try passing thru TSA with this one. A little bulk. Maybe a bit of overkill.

Saran wrap and Tupperware
 Saran wrap and Tupperware

This is the inexpensive option. Methods have certainly advanced since people started doing this. The cling on wrap will attract the THC on the leaf which is never a good thing. If you use enough you will eventually control the scent, but this method takes a lot of time.

Glass Jar
 Glass Jar

Air tight. Some come with nifty labels. Not safe for throwing in your pocket and traveling around. Susceptible to being dropped and shattering.

Ziplock bags
 Dime bags and Ziplock bags

These rank pretty low these days. Difficult to fill, difficult to get material out of it without making a mess. Considerable loss of material in both the packing and unpacking processes and buds easily get stuck in the bottom of the bag.

Pill container
 Pill container

Not really good in any respects. Only a good option when no other options present themselves. Furthermore, it you are caught with someone else’s prescription bottle by the police, you will be suspect and subject to a much more intensive search. Limited smell control.

Tic Tac box
 Tic Tac box

Better for holding candy then for marijuana.  There is not a smell control feature. Very difficult to fill.

It’s time to get rid of those outdated and ugly air tight jars. Stop messing with those weed bags; everyone knows only drug dealers use them. Do you want people to think you’re a drug dealer? It’s important to have the top weed stash containers; must we really convince you more? Alright, we will.

Weed stash boxes are out of style. Everyone is looking for the best portable marijuana accessories. Our containers are hands down the best marijuana containers you can buy. Get yours today and discover just how easy it is to store and stash your cannabis. Pot storage is now incredibly easy and best of all you can take your marijuana storage with you wherever you got with our options above.

Ultimately, the #1 choice of ours will serve you better than any other marijuana storage container you have ever seen.

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