• Thursday , 30 March 2017

The Best Weed Accessories from Smoke Collective 2016

Check out our latest and greatest, up and coming weed accessories of 2017 here.

It is always important to conceal your marijuana when transporting it or carrying it on you when you leave home. Our marijuana accessories are specifically designed to offer you maximum concealment and storage. Your friends and associates will not know you are carrying marijuana around with you. Our weed accessories will give you the protection and privacy you require.

Did you know proper storage of medical marijuana is very essential; dry weed becomes very harsh when used. Also to add on that, wet marijuana can result in bacteria which can cause allergic reactions to the user. Proper storage is very important to provide the best smoking experience. The containers provide the safest way to store all strains of marijuana.

Below you will find different types of weed accessories Smoke Collective offers:

Weed Containers

Our weed containers are our hottest selling items. The Smoke Collective container has been labeled the best weed accessory by over 5 different marijuana authorities. Features of our weed containers include:

  1. Portability – The container is portable; it fits in your pocket or purse. No more need for buying weed baggies or dealing with plastic tupperware. These containers offer maximum protection and privacy for you and your medicinal marijuana. You will never need to mess with another container again.
  2. Scent control – Marijuana has a very distinct aroma. Some people can actually find it very disgusting. The Smoke Collective is smell proof, making you able to carry your marijuana anywhere, anytime. The smell proof feature might just save you from awkward conversations and situations.
  3. Water resistant – Smoking soggy weed is almost impossible, and no one likes to wait hours, or even days, to dry out wet marijuana. Our containers are water resistant. If you drop it into a puddle or it falls out of your pocket into the toilet, your weed will remain dry.
  4. DurabilityThe Smoke Collective containers are composed of high quality, durable plastic which makes them virtually unbreakable. In addition to this benefit, the storage case is secure. If you drop it, your weed will not fall out.
  5. Affordability – The price of a brand new Smoke Collective is only $9.95. This is a very affordable price considering the special features of the containers. Best of all, our weed accessories are guaranteed to last.
  6. Ease of loading and unloadingWith these accessories, loading a vaporizer or rolling a joint has never been easier. Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to use the Smoke Collective.
  7. Unique Designs – We offer unique packaging with dozens of designs for our weed containers. Our users are able to pick a design according to their tastes and preferences, making our weed containers suitable for all types of marijuana users.

Weed Grinders

We provide weed grinders that have diamond-shaped teeth making them able to easily and efficiently easily break down marijuana into the perfect consistency. They are specially made to help you break your marijuana into fine particles that can easily roll into a joint or pack into a vaporizer.

1. Portable Storage and Transportation Container

Smoke Collective Smoke Collective – Our unit is the cornerstone of any good marijuana vaporizer collection. Our units are smell proof, water resistant, and reusable. You will not spill any buds when filling up the unit and you wont drop any weed when you load your vaporizer, pipe, or bowl. It is composed of durable plastic which makes it virtually unbreakable. There are tons of labels with cool, unique designs, to customize this accessory.

2. Exhale devices

Smoke Buddy Smoke Buddy – The Smoke Buddy is a really cool device. Have you ever used a flowbee? If you have, then you basically know what a Smoke Buddy is. The Smoke Buddy is a personal air filter. The user blows the smoke into one end and clean air comes out of the other end. The Smoke Buddy is ideal for home, office, and travel use. It is pocket size, eliminates odor, removes smoke, easy to use, and it reduces second hand smoke.

3. Carrying cases

Hand Pipe Hard Case 5 Inches Hard Case – There are so many different styles available for marijuana vaporizers. They also have carrying cases for pipes, bowls, and even bongs. Some of these cases are able to be customized. Some of them have cent control. We recommend buying a smell proof carrying case if you are thinking of buying a case for your vaporizer.

4. Scales

Digital scale Marijuana Scale – Who doesnt need a scale? There are a lot of varieties of scales out there. The prices vary from $20 all the way up to $100. The little scales can weigh up to 2 pounds and the bigger scales can weigh up to 11lbs of marijuana.

5. Scraping tools

Scraping Tool Scraping tools – These are used for cleaning pipes, bowls, bongs, and vaporizers. They also enable the user to extract residue from the smoking device. Once extracted, many pot smokers smoke this resin for an even more intense high. A scraping tool can help you keep your unit unclogged and working properly.

We hope this helps with outfitting your collection of smoking of accessories.

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