• Thursday , 30 March 2017

PUFFiT Vaporizer Review

PUFFiT Vaporizer ReviewIf you’re anything like me, you always want to get (and be) high in public. Naturally, the trouble is that our culture, recently coming out from behind 80 years of paranoid pot restriction, hasn’t yet come to cherish the beautiful public advantage we could realize by enabling metropolitan potheads their lunchtime puff to help take care of everyone else around them. So, public marijuana smoking is still unlawful, even in places where pot is now legal. Severe disappointment, we know. The solution is pretty straightforward: be super discreet when getting high in public. Unless you’re aiming for civil disobedience, keep your cannabis consumption on the down low bro; you DO NOT want to be seen smoking weed by the police, because the fuzz could totally buzzkill your sweet high (I know this from experience). Because of this, several venders now offer vape pens. These are smokeless cigarettes that are typically loaded with hash oil. So, to get the discretion they need, on-the-go stoners need to smoke the most potent form of marijuana on the market. Yeah, hash oil is pretty cool, but many marijuana consumers don’t want to be as high as possible whenever they smoke. You can get electric cigarettes that vaporize marijuana, but generally those either suck, burn your bud, or both. The good news is, there are a bunch of top qualities mobile weed vaporizers on the market now, like the Firefly, the Da Vinci Ascent and even the Pax Ploom, but they aren’t as discreet as a vapor cigarette. I have a theory that a lot of police officers are both catching and cracking down on the vapor pens. This is where my PUFFiT vaporizer review starts. The PUFFiT vaporizer is designed for discretion and brings glad tidings to public smokers everywhere.

How it Looks

what comes in the package of the PUFFiT

The PUFFiT has a gold-plated herb chamber in its top, heated by a gold-plated brass element and covered by an aluminum cap. There’s also a silicone cover, since the cap gets fairly hot and the heating cycle is triggered by pushing down on that cap. The air path is a silicone tube that links to a little opening in the mouth piece. The mouth piece likewise has a temperature dial that changes from 1-8, standing for a range of 250-430 degrees Fahrenheit, and also a mini USB adapter that links up to the lithium-ion battery. To operate the PUFFiT, remove the mouthpiece cover, and it turns on– a red LED indicates its ready for vaping. Make sure to load the chamber with marijuana– experience differs, but usually the finer the grind is, the better. There are two different inserts for the cap, which either help compress or mix the container. Push down on the cap a couple of secs, and the PUFFiT begins heating up. When the light turns green, draw in gradually. The heat will compete run for 10 seconds, after that you need to push the cap once more.

What I Think of It

It’s an excellent concept as well as a decent design, but the PUFFiT is hit-or-miss, finicky, and even aggravating, with a pretty difficult learning curve. It took me a day of hit and miss to get it to work halfway decent. I discovered an extremely full bowl and the stirring-tool cap insert worked great, as did running the many things on the most popular setup with very little delay between heating cycles. I likewise discovered that lightly blowing into the PUFFiT first helped evaluate what kind of vapor would be created, and helped create even more vapor by sending hot air up from the heating element into the marijuana. I wish it was not so, but the PUFFiT is probably the worst vaporizer I have ever tried. In my opinion, the PUFFiT can, and also should, function more efficiently. Various other portable vaporizers have figured it out– even knockoff designs complete the job half the time. Potheads are lining up to buy these products; they will even pay a premium if they work well. Possibly the biggest difficulty is placing the heating element in the airflow path behind the chamber rather than before it, as almost every other portable vape does. I’m glad I’m not a vape designer, and I’m not trying to become one. All I ask is, “Please make it easier to get high in public. I’m desperate.”

Overall Score: 40/100

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