• Thursday , 30 March 2017

Pax Vaporizer Review

Advancing the Industry

Pax Portable Vaporizer Review

The surge of vaporizers and vapor cigarettes has created a lot of poorly made as well as ill-conceived vapes to flood the marketplace, particularly with portable units. Some designs look awesome but don’t operate well, while others work great but are poorly made. This is where the Pax comes in. There was so much buzz around the Pax when it came out, I thought it was all marketing. No firm had made a mobile unit that hit the nail on the head. All of us wanted a vape that could fit in our pocket, not die quickly, and, most importantly, work efficiently. Were we asking too much?

The Design

Ploom, the company behind the Pax, didn’t think so. They started from scratch to create what they hoped would be the ideal portable vape. This conduction design vape has a streamlined style, a 4in long aluminum tube, shaped like a big BIC lighter that can fit perfectly in your hand. The mouthpiece retracts inside the vape and also works as the power switch.

The Battery

The Pax has a lithium-ion battery that heats up an ‘oven’ (also called a chamber) to vaporize your greens. Using the Pax is as simple as 1,2,3:Load the oven, click the mouth piece as much as turn it on, as well as when the sign light bulb turns green, the Pax prepares to go.

  1. Load the oven
  2. Click the mouthpiece to turn it on
  3. When the light turns green, the Pax is ready to vape!

You typically aren’t able to draw from this vape quickly, there is a limitation to the air circulation by design, to avoid the oven from cooling off. It resembles drinking a shake via a straw. The major disadvantage for me, I take pleasure drawing very easy, natural breaths. The taste was initially outstanding, definitely had more flavor compared to many other portable vaporizers. But towards the end of the bake, the vapor reminded me of smoking plastic. My marijuana was being a little bit over-baked in the beginning, however under the mouthpiece is a temperature adjustment with three levels of heat. I was on high, so I reduced it. From then on out, it was smooth sailing. Maintaining the temperature inside keeps the unit very clean. The unit gets a little warm, but never overheats. Don’t try and refill it right away after your first session; the oven can become too hot to touch.

Kudos to Ploom

Ploom packed a lot of technology into the Pax. The lights change colors to communicate different things to its users: temperature setting, battery life, and standby mode. There is even a party mode setting! Another cool thing about the Pax is any movement whatsoever will pull it out of standby mode. Incredible!


Ploom spent a portion of modification on the packaging, but I would have favored that they put that money to a traveling case of some kind. The Pax comes with a charging stand, but USB charging would have been optimal. However, that probably would have impacted the design.

The Bottom Line

The Pax is a great vape. It’s extremely easy to use and also has good battery life. But it feels that Ploom focused more on design than they did function. The draw is difficult, but with patience it can be manageable. The uneven baking can be reduced by mixing, but that means you have to repack the chamber. The taste at the end of the bake is sometimes pretty bad, I think using much less plastic internally might help. I use the Pax often. Its strongest feature is, hands-down, its design, but I wish they had not given up additional features for it. When sitting around at home, the Pax remains on the shelf. But as quickly as leave the house, its the first thing I grab. The Pax is one of the more affordable portable vaporizers, and I would recommend it to anyone who does a lot of smoking on-the-go.

Overall Score: 92/100

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