• Thursday , 30 March 2017

Magic Flight Launch Box Review

magic-flight-launch-box-reviewThe Magic-Flight Launch Box is a mobile natural vaporizer made in the U.S.A, and it’s extremely unique. The design is created for completely dry bud.

Efficiency/ Use Tips

The Magic-Flight Launch Box does require some strategy to get the best vapor, but after merely a very few times using it you’ll you’ll get used to it and you’ll do it every time. Very important: You have to grind your herbs up extremely fine for the very best performance. Grinding fine increases the surface area of your marijuana; that helps this vape do a better task of generating good quality vapor. If you want to get one, check out our herb grinders. This vape is reliable, and it works great with smaller amounts. The concept is that you could control and tailor your vaping experience by how long you heat your herb for and also exactly how big your draws are. For a single draw, put in the battery and slowly pull from the mouthpiece for 5-10 secs. If your marijuana overheats, you did not draw fast enough, and if you get no vapor in any way you could be pulling too quickly. The various other technique is to put in the battery and take small “sips” from the mouth piece every very few secs, letting vapor build up inside the trench between each draw. (Vapor quality is average using this approach.) Another thing to note with this vape is that you need to mix your material up in between draws, or at least every other draw. They give you a nice brush that you can use to mix your cannabis, or you can keep the cover closed and give your box a shake to mix it. If you do this just make sure you get all your bud back into the center trench before vaping again. When using a pinch of herb (~ 0.1 g) you can get approximately 5-8 draws from it, but it does depend on how you use it.

Design Quality


It’s a wooden box, and there are three types to choose from: Maple, Cherry, and Walnut. Carved into the box is a trench (natural herb chamber), draw hole, air intake opening, and a battery port. There’s a stainless steel screen inside the trench hooked up to 2 metal rods. When you press it, the rods touch the battery, and the chamber starts to warm up. It has an acrylic cover that you can slide open and shut over the herb chamber, and an acrylic stem, or mouthpiece, is included. You stick the mouthpiece into the hole on the front of the vape. What’s cool about this vaporizer is the fact you use a single AA rechargeable battery to power it. The base set consists of two batteries and a charging dock, along with rubber caps for the batteries and a reasonably high-quality cleaning brush. Even though this thing looks pretty straightforward, it feels like a well-crafted product. It’s a relatively low-cost vape. It’s worth the price; it doesn’t feel cheap. It’s a lot smaller than other vapes we have reviewed.

Bottom Line

Indeed, there are more efficient vapes out there and, of course, this vape looks stupid-simple for the cost, but, believe it or not, it works better than a lot of higher end vapes on the market right now. The Magic-Flight Launch Box works extremely well as a fast vape for taking a handful of light draws at a time, but lots of people use the vape in their way and are satisfied with it. If you decide to get one, experiment with it to see what works best for you. Frankly, this is one of those vapes everybody needs in their collection. There’s nothing quite like the Magic-Flight Launch Box.

Overall Score: 87/100

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