• Thursday , 30 March 2017

Iolite Portable Vaporizer Review

iolite-vaporizerThis is a review of Iolite handheld portable vaporizer by Oglesby & Butler. This company is from Ireland and they make both the Iolite and the more recent, slightly more expensive Wispr. The Iolite portable vaporizer is sometimes called the walkie-talkie vape because of the way it looks. The asking price for one of these units is $199.

  • Quick Summary

Before we get into all the small details, you might benefit from reading this summary of our review of the Iolite. The Iolite is a practical, portable vaporizer that operates on butane rather than batteries. The fact you do not need electricity for this vape suggests that it’s ideal for outdoor activities like camping or hiking. It’s likewise lightweight and also very easy to carry, and it comes with a cool carrying case. However, you’ll also need to bring a can of butane with you.

  • What Makes the Iolite Different from Other Vapes?

The iolite is a unique vape as a result of the way it is powered. It doesn’t plug-in, it does not have a charger, neither does it run on rechargeable batteries like many other portable devices do. The energy resource for this unit is butane, yes the same butane you would find in your everyday lighter. This vape uses a butane powered heating element and also an igniter switch to securely and successfully warm the chamber to the perfect temperature. This indicates the primary perk of the iolite is its non-reliance on electric power to run. As long as you have a container of butane with you, the vape can be used, and even when it lacks fluid, it can be refilled in seconds.

  • How Often Will I Need to Put Butane into the Iolite?

As for how long each filling of butane will last, our tests showed six complete vape sessions that were between 10 and 15 minutes each. So, the Iolite offers a max operating time of almost an hour and a half before it will need to be refilled. Unfortunately, there’s no indicator to tell you how much butane you have left, so you’ll just have to keep an eye on the number of times you use it. The Iolite will gradually stop heating once it runs out of fuel. So, if it goes out during one of your sessions, you’ll have to stop briefly for a very few minutes and refuel the butane.

iolite vaporizer design

The Good

  1. Operating temperature of the vape is perfect.
  2. Marijuana gets evenly vaped with no signs of combustion.
  3. Because of the way it’s designed, you will not inhale butane. (See image on the right)

The Bad

  1. Sometimes smell butane while using the vaporizer.
  2. Makes a hissing sound while in use.
  3. Vapor is not very thick or smooth.
  4. Vapor can become fairly warm while taking draws.
  • How to Load Butane into the Iolite Portable Vaporizer

You’ll need to hold the iolite right side up, and the butane upside down. The nozzle of the butane will fit into the fill valve. Then you’ll push down to start the flow and as quickly as you listen to or can see the gas begin to overflow you will know the chamber is full This usually only takes a couple of seconds. After refilling the butane, you’ll want to wait a couple of minutes for it to settle down before lighting up the vape. During this time, you could get your marijuana prepared and load it into the chamber.

  • How to Operate the Iolite Portable Vaporizer

As soon as you have your butane filled as well as your herbs loaded within, get ready to switch on the vape. To start the gas flow, flip the switch on the side from 0 to 1. Then you hesitate a couple of seconds and push the igniter switch. You’ll see an orange glow if the unit successfully started; you’ll want to be looking at the side of the vape when you ignite it. Our team found that, in some cases, it doesn’t always ignite the first time you press the switch, however we’ve never needed to hit the switch more than three times either, so it should only take you a few tries to get it started properly. So once the heating element is started it will heat up for about 45 seconds until it reaches its operating temperature of 3740 F. Upon arriving at this temperature, the system will turn off and on every couple minutes to keep an appropriate temperature inside the home heating chamber. Even though the iolite reaches its operating temperature in under a minute, our team had much better results when waiting about two minutes before we started to take pulls.

Overall Score: 72/100

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