• Thursday , 30 March 2017

Indica Vaporizer Review

Indica Vaporizer Review

This article is going to review the Indica portable vaporizer. (This is the vape that resembles a giant Zippo lighter.) It’s, in fact, pretty well-crafted, it feels solid, and it doesn’t appear that they skimped out on any of the materials. It’s also rather small; only the Magic-Flight Launch Box is smaller than the Indica.


This vape is just about average. The vapor that this vaporizer creates tends to be a little on the light side and also a little hot/harsh. The taste of the vapor is likewise pretty average.

How it Looks

The first thing to talk about is its size and look. It’s created to look like a Zippo, yet it’s most likely double the size of a typical lighter. The quality of the build is respectable; it feels very sturdy, and it doesn’t feel tacky in any way. The herb chamber and vapor course are made from high-grade stainless-steel like many vapes, and the external shell is a polished metal that will most likely start to reveal some scratches over time. Near the bottom of the system is where your oven or herb chamber is. There’s a tiny opening at the end of the chamber where the vapor can travel to the mouth piece on top. The mouthpiece is the part that would normally have fire coming out of it on a real Zippo.


Type of Vape

This product is classified as a conduction vaporizer considering that your product gets heated up by the walls of the oven and not strictly by hot air like convection vapes. In my opinion, there are benefits and drawbacks to both designs.

How to Use It

Using this vape is quite easy, but you need to pack the chamber a particular method for the highest quality results. To access the chamber of this vape just remove the cover sheet on the bottom. If you’re afraid of losing it, you could stick it to the side of the unit because it is magnetized. When you are packing the chamber, you want to ensure your marijuana is completely ground-up. You want it as fine as you can get it. This increases the surface are of what’s being warmed which helps make thicker and also much more consistent vapor. You actually do not want your bud loose in there. You have to load it relatively tight to get it to perform well. You do not want it so limited that scarcely any air can travel through, but you likewise do not want your cannabis shifting around in there. Somewhere in between these two extremes is your best bet. Now when you’re packing this vape, you need to determine ahead of time how many draws you want to take or how long you desire your session to last. You essentially have two alternatives; you can load the oven completely, or you can half-pack the chamber with the stainless steel spacer they supply. This will certainly vary based upon just how fine your grind is and exactly how firmly you load, but for the Indica Vaporizer, a half-packing is approximately 0.2 g, and a full packing is almost 0.4 g. A half-pack will get you about 7-10 good draws, and a whole pack will produce about 15-20. Undoubtedly, this will vary depending on the heat setting you have it on.


When you have your chamber packed, it’s time to turn it on, and you do that by holding down the button on the top for 3 seconds. Once it’s on you after that need to select a temperature setting. The Indica Vaporizer provides you five alternatives ranging from 3400 F to 4120 F. Your best option is to stick between the three temperatures in the middle. To change temperatures you push the power button twice and it’ll change temperatures through the various colors that signify different temperatures. As soon as your temperature level is established you then wait about 60 seconds for the light to blink, which suggests the oven has reached running temp, and it’s ready for you to start using. For ideal results, you should take a slow, lengthy draw. (It could take a couple of pulls to obtain good vapor production, so don’t give up after the first try.)


One function that is a benefit is that you can use the vape while it’s plugged in and charging. With many other types of portable vapes, you cannot do that.

The Battery

This device does take a few hours to charge fully, which is longer compared to a lot of other portable vaporizers. However battery life is slightly above standard at 60-90 minutes, depending on exactly what heat setting you prefer. In testing the vape was set on the purple setting, or 3940 F, and the battery lasted 70 minutes or so before it died (seven 10 minute sessions).


It does not appear there is a lot of cleaning or maintenance needed by the Indica. The most crucial thing to keep it running correctly will be to brush out the marijuana chamber after every session. After about a dozen sessions or so, you may have to give it a much more detailed cleaning. Use a little rubbing alcohol and the given pipe cleaners to clean out the chamber and vapor path. The mouth piece at the top is removable and might be an area where other accumulation can occur. Overall Score: 81/100

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