• Thursday , 30 March 2017

Firefly Vaporizer Review


firefly portable vaporizer reviewThis article is going to review the Firefly Vaporizer. It is considered a portable vape, and I’ll talk more about that in a minute, and it currently sits at the top of the price range for portable vaporizers. Before we go into detail about this vaporizer, here’s a couple of quick bullet points that summarize this review:

  1. The build quality is excellent.
  2. As far as ease-of-use, there’s a method you need to master to get the highest quality vapor. (However, don’t worry, we’ll talk about that).
  3. Vapor quality, when the vape is used right, is exceptional.
  4. It has a relatively small herb chamber
  5. It is slightly heavy for a portable (It weighs 278 grams, which is almost double what other portable vaporizers weigh).
  6. The Firefly is a convection design vape, which is pretty difficult to obtain in such a small device, but they certainly did a good job.

How it Looks

firefly vaporizer designThere are very few parts to this vaporizer, and it only has a few buttons. The primary power switch is located on the side of the vape. When you press that button, it puts the vape into standby. The device will not begin heating. On the other side is the heating system button. The part that sticks out in the front is the mouthpiece. That will be where you draw from. The Firefly comes with two tools: a brush and a poker. These tools are used to clear the marijuana that gets in the vapor channels. (These channels connect the chamber to the mouthpiece. You will see these channels underneath the cover.)

The Chamber

The chamber is located on the front of the vape underneath a magnetic cover. It is a small chamber. It only fits about .2 grams of cannabis when it is finely ground. One thing to note about this vape is that it is not like a lot of other portable vaporizers. You do not want your weed firmly packed in the chamber. You should pack the chamber somewhat loose.

firefly vaporizer chamber

The Battery

The battery is located on the back of the vaporizer. It is underneath a battery cover. The battery is detachable; you can buy an extra battery charger and some extra batteries if you want to. Doing this will let you use the vaporizer for a longer period before it has to be charged again. The battery life is pretty consistent with other portable vaporizers. The Firefly battery will last about 20 draws or 2-3 packs. However, the battery only takes 45 minutes to recharge fully.

firefly vaporizer detachable battery

The Vapor

When you use the Firefly correctly, the vapor quality is extremely high for a portable vaporizer. The vapor is smooth, and it tastes good.

How to Use It

Once you have packed your weed into the chamber, you will want to preheat the chamber before you start drawing from it. The button on the right side of the vaporizer will preheat the vape. Hold that down for about 8 seconds. There will be a glowing light near the chamber to indicate that the chamber is warming up. After the initial 8 seconds, let go of the button, push it in again, and wait another 4 seconds before you start to draw. Once you do that, the vapor will be higher quality and thicker. (The best thing you can do with any weed vaporizer is to experiment with it. What might be good for others may not work for you. So try out different settings and see what works best for you.)

Overall Score: 93/100

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