• Thursday , 30 March 2017

Ascent Vaporizer Review

This article is going to review the Ascent Vaporizer by DaVinci. The Ascent is a mid-to-high priced portable vape and is a nice improvement from their original model.

  • How it Looks


First, let’s go over how the Ascent Vaporizer looks. There’s a light-up display on the front. It shows you what temperature the vaporizer is set at. Above and below the screen are plus and minus buttons to control the temperature of the vaporizer. The power button is located on the top of the Ascent next to the glass mouth piece that pulls out of the chamber. The glass piece is detachable, making the pipe for easy to clean. Above the glass piece there is a poker tool. This is to help you clean out the chamber if you need to. The chamber is on the bottom. It pulls out, and you can put your marijuana into it. Right above the chamber is the lower part of the mouthpiece. This piece is also detachable, which is a useful feature for its users because this piece gets fairly dirty during regular use. There can be a considerable amount of residue after about a dozen sessions or so. There are 4-5 tiny holes in the bottom of the glass piece. This is where vapor passes from the chamber into the glass pipe. These holes are very small and may become clogged after using the vaporizer a couple of times. If this happens, all you need to do is stick a pin or a toothpick into the holes, and the vape will hit like it’s supposed to.


  • The Good

  1. The herb chamber is relatively large, so it does hold a lot of marijuana.
  2. The Ascent works best and produces better vapor when the chamber is full. Some other vaporizers slow down when you pack too much pot into them, but the Ascent runs like a champ when it is full. It also produces a smoother vapor when the material is packed very tight.
  3. A fully packed chamber will provide roughly 20 draws.
  4. The taste of the vapor is good because of the ceramic chamber and the glass pathway.
  5. The vapor is above average for a portable vaporizer.
  • The Bad

There are a couple major setbacks to the Ascent Vaporizer:

  1. In the bottom of the chamber, there are four moderately sized holes.Having holes in a vaporizer typically produces higher quality vapor. However, with the Ascent, the finely ground buds can fall through these holes. There was a decent amount of herb lost through these holes. Also, when the marijuana is finely ground, there was a tendency for small pieces to get in the holes between the chamber and the mouthpiece. To prevent this from happening, they do provide two small screens with the vaporizer. One to go over the holes in the bottom of the chamber to prevent your weed from falling out, and the other to go on top of your material once it is packed in the chamber. Unfortunately, these screens are tiny so they are easy to lose.
  2. While you are packing the chamber, the vape does not stand by on its own. So you do have to hold it while you are packing your cannabis.
  3. While using the Ascent, we never got dense or thick vapor.
  4. The vapor feels a little bit on the warm side. Halfway through the session you might feel a little scratchiness in your throat.
  • How to Use It Effectively

To use the vaporizer, you must pack your material in the chamber. Once you do that, you can hit the power button. The vaporizer will warm up to its default setting: 375 degrees F. Upon testing what temperature setting was best, it turns out that somewhere between 370-375 degrees seem to produce the best results. We found the best way to use the Ascent is to pack the chamber fully, set the temperature at 375 degrees F, and take slow (about 10 seconds) draws.

  • The Battery

The vape heats up pretty fast. It heats up to 375 degrees in about a minute or two. Once the vape reaches the desired temperature, an icon appears that looks like a bowl with steam coming out of it. (See picture above.) This means it is ready to be used. At the bottom of the light-up display is a battery icon. Unfortunately, the battery reading is not always reliable. When half-charged the icon may show that there is no power left in the battery. Also, The level of this icon may fluctuate after turning it on and off; it is inconsistent. The battery does have a long life. It has an average life of 2 hours while it is in use. However, the battery does take 4 hours to charge.

  • Size

The size of the Ascent is pretty large for a portable vaporizer. The Ascent Vaporizer is roughly double the size of the Ploom Pax and weighs twice as much. The Pax weighs 94 grams, and the Ascent weighs 192 grams.

Overall Score: 83/100

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